Forthcoming ISO Ballots

NISO Voting members participate in the development, revision, and evaluation of standards. Voting members are able to influence the standards process and mold the future of the industry. The following NISO ballots are open and will close before the next newsletter is distributed. If you are a NISO Voting Member, log into your NISO page and you'll see the ballots linked there.

ISO/NP TS 21946 - ISO/TC 46/SC 11N1628 - Information and documentation -- Appraisal for managing records for a new work item proposal

This Technical Specification provides guidance on how to carry out appraisal, and describes some of the products and outcomes that appraisal can deliver. As such, it describes a practical application of the concept of appraisal outlined in ISO 15489-1:2016.

The Technical Specification:

  • lists some of the main purposes for appraisal in the creation, capture and management of records in contemporary organizations and in society in general;
  • describes the importance of establishing scope for an appraisal;
  • explains how to analyze business activity and develop an understanding of the context;
  • explains how to identify record requirements;
  • describes the relationships between appraisal and records controls; and
  • explains how to use risk to weigh appraisal decisions.

This Technical Specification can be used by all organizations regardless of size, nature of their activities, or complexity of their functions and structure.

This ballot closes on Thursday, November 17, 2016.

TC46/SC4 ballot for ISO/DIS 20614, Data exchange protocol for interoperability and preservation

DEPIP specifies a standardized framework for the various data (including both data and related metadata) exchange transactions between an Archive and its producers and consumers. Interchanges between archives (including archives integrated in organizations, public archives, storage service suppliers) are also considered. The protocol is generic and may be adapted to all types of information, whether printed or in a born digital format.

The protocol defines five transactions (Transfer, Deliver, Dispose, Modify, and Restitute1) which Archives and their partners may use to exchange data objects. The protocol specifies also an implementation framework using the XML formalism to write the messages that are exchanged during the protocol transaction (refer to the associated XSD Schema). The protocol specifies the syntax and semantics of these messages.

This ballot closes on November 18, 2016.

TC46/SC4 ballot regarding technical content to ISO/DIS 28500 that must be approved before moving forward

This International Standard specifies the WARC file format:

  • to store both the payload content and control information from mainstream Internet application layer protocols, such as the HTTP, DNS, and FTP;
  • to store arbitrary metadata linked to other stored data (e.g. subject classifier, discovered language, encoding);
  • to support data compression and maintain data record integrity;
  • to store all control information from the harvesting protocol (e.g. request headers), not just response information;
  • to store the results of data transformations linked to other stored data;
  • to store a duplicate detection event linked to other stored data (to reduce storage in the presence of identical or substantially similar resources);
  • to be extended without disruption to existing functionality;
  • to support handling of overly long records by truncation or segmentation, where desired.

This ballot closes on November 18, 2016.

Five-year systematic review of the TC46/SC4 standard ISO 15511:2011 (Ed 3) - Information and documentation -- International standard identifier for libraries and related organizations (ISIL)

This International Standard specifies the International Standard identifier for libraries and related organizations (ISIL), which comprises a set of standard identifiers used for the unique identification of libraries, archives, museums and related organizations with a minimum impact on already existing systems.

This ballot closes on November 18, 2016.