NISO Professional Development Events in September 2016

NISO Two Part Webinar: Managing An Open Access World

September 7 & 14

As open access has proven itself a viable business model in the journal marketplace, institutions are beginning to grapple with the implications and ramifications of its success. This includes the practicalities of how to manage acquisitions in a hybrid open access environment, dealing with discovery implications of open access, and institutional compliance with funder mandates. This two-part series will explore the practical issues of a world in which open access becomes the norm for some segment of scholarly communications.

Even if you missed out on registering for the live broadcast on September 7th, you can still register for the packaged two-part webinar! Listen to the archived recording of the September 7th event, Open Access & Acquisitions, and then tune in for the live broadcast of the September 14 presentation, Compliance With Funder Mandates.

Open Access & Acquisitions
Wednesday, September 7
1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m., EDT

The first part of this miniseries will focus on the implications of open access on content acquisition. What are the impacts of hybrid open access on publisher pricing at the title or collection level? Is there a tipping point at which open access availability of a portion of a title's content changes the acquisition calculus? How do we keep track of the increasing number of open access titles and the increasing amount of hybrid open access content at the journal level? Presenters will cover these questions as well as provide information on related research.

Confirmed Speakers: Jill Emery, Portland State University; Allyson Rodriguez, University of North Texas; and Chris Bulock, California State University - Northridge.

Compliance with Funder Mandates
Wednesday, September 14
1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m., EDT

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The second part of this miniseries will examine how institutions address compliance requirements of funder mandates. As more and more funding bodies adopt mandates for open distribution of content, at many universities the tracking of this compliance is falling on the library directly or in support of research offices. Are there ways to automate compliance tracking and strategies for improving compliance? This session will explore progress being made by initiatives to gather and disseminate open access compliance, as well as the perspective of funders who are requiring this information.

Confirmed Speakers: Pamela Shaw, Northwestern University; Jeff Broadbent and Betty Rozum, both of Utah State University; and Sarah Young, Cornell University.

NISO Training Thursday: Emerging Tools to Improve Management of Data
Thursday, September 8
1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m., EDT

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During this training event, three experienced Data Management Librarians will discuss newly developed services and tools for collecting and curating research data. Projects in development and some that have been newly released will be the focus of this session. Presentations will cover implementation and systems deployment of these services at your institution.

Training Thursday webinars are usually associated with a preceding virtual conference (see here for details about the related August 31 event). However, NISO also allows you to register for the training as a stand-alone event. If you're a Data Management Librarian, you won't want to miss this opportunity to see the tools that are available to you and the faculty you serve.

Confirmed Speakers: Kristin Briney, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee; Jenny Muilenburg, University of Washington; and Plato Smith, University of Florida.

NISO Symposium: Privacy Implications of Research Data
Sunday, September 11, 2016
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., MT
Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, Denver, CO

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Special Note: In conjunction with the International Data Week event being held in Denver, CO, this event will be offered as both on-site (RSVP here) and as a virtual (streaming) event. There is no cost to attendees either way.

NISO and the Research Data Alliance (RDA) have formed a joint working group that aims to address major challenges in the advancement of scientific data sharing: privacy and security. In particular, the sharing of human-subject data is hampered by lack of any framework that adequately factors in and addresses those concerns. The RDA-NISO Joint Working Group is taking on the challenge of creating a related global consensus framework, and this highly interactive program is intended to move that activity forward.

Confirmed speakers include John Wilbanks, Sage Bionetworks; Micah Altman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Christine Borgman, University of California - Los Angeles; Christoph Bruch, Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres; and Paul Burton, University of Bristol, England.

For specifics, visit the NISO event page. Attendees are urged to use the RSVP form linked in that page to notify us of their planned participation.