August 2016 Forthcoming ISO Ballot

NISO Voting members participate in the development, revision, and evaluation of standards. Voting members are able to influence the standards process and mold the future of the industry. The following NISO ballots are open and will close before the next newsletter is distributed. If you are a NISO Voting Member, log into your NISO page and you'll see the ballots linked there.

Your vote is needed to resolve the resolution for ISO NP 20674 title change and split.

ISO/TC 46 RESOLUTION 2016-14: ISO NP 20674 title change and split into parts. ISO/TC 46 decided to follow WG3 "Conversion of written languages" recommendations:

  • to split the project ISO NP 20674 " Transliteration of Thai-ThamIsan and Thai-Noi" into parts 
  • to change the title of the standard project as follows: "Information and documentation -- Transliteration of scripts in use in Thailand -- Part 1: Transliteration of Akson-Thai-Noi."

Ballot closes on Wednesday, August 31, 2016